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Welcome! Take a deep a breathe and listen to this sound. 

Step into the Flow of Duality

Through Intuitive Creative Expressions, Emotional Alchemy and Self Awareness

Duality Flow: The alignment of all aspects of you.


Express Yourself Freely
and Authentically
without Judgement

Move to the beat of your own drum!

Meet Sarah the Goddess. She is a passionate Intuitive Coach who guides people in remembering their inner power through creativity and emotional alchemy.

Music Intuitively Created by Sarah the Goddess


Using The 3 Way Mirror
to Guide you in:


in Love

Calling all Runners, Avoiders, Settlers, Unaware Ones!

Learn about yourself, about your past and current relationships, understand triggers, stay and grow in your relationships.

Questions You May Have:

Why are your relationships like this?

Why do you keep attracting the same partners?

How to break soul ties at the root?

What are your relationships teaching you?

Finding Your Inner Voice

Calling all Non-Verbal Communicators, Shy Introverts, Anxious Ones!

Find out why you're unable to communicate, why you shut down, why you are unable to voice yourself, why you copy others/people please, find the root of your emotions.


Questions You May Have:

What do you want to say?

What would you do without influence?

Who would you be if no one told you who to be?

Reclaim Your Power

Calling all Sexual Beings, Awakened Beings, Reserved Beings!

Learn about who you are at your core, begin to release shame/guilt/anxiety within your body, step into your power.

Questions You May Have:

Why do you feel the way you do about sex? 

What emotions are you holding in your body/yoni & womb?

Why do you dim your light?

Why do you feel you have to choose spirituality or sexuality?

Healing & Elevation

Calling all who have just entered their Spiritual Awakening!

Learn about what you are experiencing and receive support. You are not alone! Everyone's experience is different but collectively we tend to have similar experiences. 

Questions You May Have:

What's next in your journey?

What are you meant to learn? Karmic lessons, Repeated lessons, Break Generational Curses,


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